Chris Ferrie

It's an amazing feeling to be able to support my family doing something I love!

Chris Ferrie

My name is Chris and I am the maker behind Orraman Leather here in Scotland. I first got into Leathercraft when, as a former musician and music teacher, covid put me out of a job. I’d had a little bit of a go at leather craft at this point and so I decided to try my hand at getting better and starting the business.

Originally being a folk musician, Scottish culture was at the centre of my life. With almost a decade in this industry, I didn't want to just throw it down the drain and start anew, so I called my company Orraman. Orraman is a Scots word meaning handyman or jack of all trades. I felt this encapsulated my brand perfectly as I built my career from using my hands. After a year and a half in the industry I’m now working as a leather crafter full time.

Currently, we are packing up the shop and are heading out to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland where we will stay for a year. In the meantime, I will be focusing on the YouTube channel, and I will also look to add a range of bags and rucksacks to the store.

My favourite leather to work with is Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan®, the leather itself is the epitome of luxury and a wallet made from Shell Cordovan will last multiple lifetimes. Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® is a work of art which only gets better with time and patina.

It's an amazing feeling to be able to support my family doing something I love! I mostly make wallets and I use rugged, outdoors and Scottish influences in my designs.

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