Elin Angharad

Seeing how the leather will continue to tell a story for years to come...

Elin Angharad

Hello, I’m Elin, and I run a small business called Elin Angharad which specialises in handstitched and bespoke leathergoods, mainly concentrating on handbags, belts and wallets. After completing my studies in material craft and finding my love for leather work, three years ago I started my business, back in my home town of Machynlleth; Mid-Wales.

Over the past three years I have seen a demand for quality and experienced some great stories behind people’s purchases. I hope that this will continue and allow me to develop my designs and skills within leather. I hope to develop more collections, and by doing this finding new ways of working with different leathers, as this is my favourite part of what I do alongside discovering the versatility of leather.

My main focus this year has been on design, and patina, seeing how the leather will continue to tell a story for years to come. By designing with the future of the product in mind, this allows the leather to do the talking. The Stevedore collection has been great for this, and I really enjoy seeing this leather come to life whilst making, especially as it’s unique to AA Crack. The Badalassi Pueblo collection has also been heavily featured in my recent collections due to its versatility and patina over an array of products. 

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