Charles F Stead & Co

Collection: CFS Equus

CFS Equus

Collection: CFS Equus

Aniline glazed horse...

A Tribute to Classic Craftsmanship

Charles F. Stead is an esteemed English leather tannery and Equus Leather is a reflection of a seamless blend of classic craftsmanship with a nod to heritage.This exceptional leather is a tribute to the time-tested traditions and further demonstrates A&A Crack & Sons commitment to providing you with the finest leathers from around the world.

Classic Aniline Character

Equus Leather was developed by Charles F. off the back of their classic full-grain boot calf success, and their utilisation of selected European horse hides, over the years. Here we see Stead's traditional garment tannage meet a blend of ‘classic’ waxes, resulting in a unique pure-aniline character that's second to none. This luxury leather is a firm favourite for vintage garments and aviation jackets, where it adds an element of classic and timeless appeal.

Beautifully Robust

The robust composition of this leather ensures that it can withstand the test of time. In fact, over time, Equus Leather’s aesthetic becomes a storyboard, telling tales of tradition, adventure and history. Its overall beauty attracts leather artisans who love leather which is durable and the patina it develops. Choose Charles F. Stead Equus Leather for a blend of classic craftsmanship, aniline character, and a legacy of excellence.