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Collection: CFS Kalbin Ox

CFS Kalbin Ox

Collection: CFS Kalbin Ox

Ox Whole Calf hides with a shrunken grain tannage...

Kalbin Ox Leather: A Time-Tested Classic

Kalbin Ox is like a well-preserved book from a bygone era – it oozes that classic charm. Crafted from premium heavyweight Norwegian Ox hides, it's been tumbled to perfection, giving it a stunning pebbled grain. This leather showcases a pure aniline natural finish, offering a supple feel that's unmatched.

Crafting with Quality & Character

When you choose Kalbin Ox from A&A Crack & Sons, you're immersing yourself in the world of quality craftsmanship and distinct character. Whether you're into crafting classic footwear or creating leather goods that stand the test of time, Kalbin Ox is the go-to choice. With a pure aniline natural finish and supple handle, these heavyweight grain Scandinavian hides lend themselves to many leather goods.

Authenticity Shines Through

Look closely at this leather and you’ll see its story - a reminder of the rich history of craftsmanship. Now a canvas for your own creative adventures. Kalbin Ox has an authentic pull-up quality, which means it lightens in colour when stretched during wear, producing that unique, worn-in effect over time. Sometimes, you might spot a few blemishes but that's what makes each piece unique and adds to its authentic character.