Collection: J&FJ Baker Russet Shoulder

    Collection: J&FJ Baker Russet Shoulder

    Pure vegetable tanned leather...

    A Lesson in English Tanning

    When you think of traditional English leather, J&FJ Baker Russet Shoulder Leather is a shining example. This leather boasts a process deeply rooted in English heritage, and yields russet shoulders renowned for their timeless appeal. The process is known as pure vegetable tanning - a ritual championed by us here at A&A Crack & Sons. The use of natural plant-based materials, such as tree barks and leaves, transforms raw animal hides into leather. It's an eco-friendly approach which gives the leather a rich, organic appearance and a unique ageing character.

    Versatile & Craft-Ready Leather

    Russet Shoulders Leather is incredibly versatile, making them a favourite among leather craft enthusiasts. The smooth surface is ready to be moulded, dyed, and stained to your preferred finish. Whether you're crafting leather goods, working on equestrian equipment, or fashioning belts, J&FJ Baker Russet Shoulder Leather is the ideal choice. It's just a question of where your creativity can take you.

    Craftsmanship Preserved Through Generations

    We love a story about preserving age-old craftsmanship. With J&FJ Baker Russet Shoulder Leather, it’s not just a material it’s a piece of history. The tannery's dedication to traditional English tanning techniques ensures that each piece is a testament to quality. It bridges the past with the present, offering a canvas for your modern creations with an appreciation of the heritage.