A&A Crack Ukraine Oxfam Appeal

Raising money for the Ukraine Oxfam Appeal...

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A&A Crack Ukraine Oxfam Appeal

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked attack causing one of the biggest refugee crises since WWII. Many countries all over the world have come together to support the people of Ukraine in any way they could. The Ukrainian flag was flown in support, and it became a very known sign of unity with Ukraine and its people.

We, at A & A Crack and Sons, launched an Instagram campaign in March 2022 to support Ukraine Oxfam Appeal and help the victims of the war. A very distinctive colour-way of blue and yellow leather was chosen to represent the campaign and inspire artisan makers to create unique products.

A & A Crack and Sons donated £1,085 to Ukraine Oxfam Appeal from all sales of these blue and yellow panels. The entire £15 sale value was donated with an order reference added to the Oxfam page so that all our customers could see their donations.

As part of the campaign, we wanted to choose one artisan maker to receive a £100 voucher towards their next order with us, as a thank you for their participation. Our favourite item was an Apple watch strap named “Britannic”, made by @antonthecraftsmaker. Anton generously donated all proceeds from the sales to the people of Ukraine.

Big thank you to all those who participated and helped us raise money for this cause. You can see all donations on this direct link to the Ukraine Oxfam Appeal.


We stand with Ukraine!