Located in Annonay, a leather-production centre since the 12th century, the tannery is right in the heart of the traditional and finest French calf leather manufacture. A & A Crack & Sons have been granted access to pull articles from the production line and stock in our UK warehouse for our clients.

"Renowned for their know-how, became a world-wide benchmark in the box calf tannage."

- Tannerie D'Annonay

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"We guarantee supplies of skins that are safe, ethical and respectful of animal welfare, ensuring for 2022, 100% traceability of each individual skin. We have built, with the collaboration of our suppliers, a laser marking tool which allows us to ensure the traceability of each skin, from animal farms to finished leather."


"As a responsible company, we have always paid particular attention to maintaining long-term relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors and to encourage partnerships with the local authorities and communities of the territories in which we are based."