Collection: Fashion & Contemporary

Leather lovers unite. Whether you’re into leather for fashion or contemporary purposes, A & A Crack & Sons source and supply you with the highest quality leather from the most famous tanneries around the world.

From fine European leathers to high quality American leather, we provide large-scale industries, independent artisans and hospitality with premium leathers to suit all manner of projects.

Leathers are used across the globe within the fashion sector. Whether it’s on the cat-walk for the latest trend in leather skirts and handbags or in the interior of a classic car, leather has the same appeal today as it did centuries ago.

Available in a huge range of textures and colours with charming characteristics, leather is transferable and can be used to create all kinds of products and leather goods. Contemporary settings such as restaurants, museums and your homes all utilise the look, durability and aesthetic appeal of leather for an array of reasons.