Intercom Srl is a dynamic company that manufactures and exports innovative manual and automatic machinery systems and specialty adhesives for bonding applications in the shoe and leather industry.

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"The first company in Italy to initiate and promote the application of water based adhesives using a state of the art spraying technology, amongst using their trademark adhesives, called Ecostick®."

- Intercom Srl


"Our core Corporate Mission is the implementation in the market of Water based adhesive technology, replacing Solvent adhesive, with consequent benefits on Health, Environment and Safety.

Our range of Intercom® Ecostick® brand adhesives include only Water Based adhesives, no solvent based."


"For more than 25 years, Intercom, a leader in the fields of leather and shoe production, has been providing its customers with full support and after sales technical service for its spraying and bonding systems, manual and automatic and for the water based adhesives and glues. Intercom is the only company that does not only sell a product but mainly provides a new complete processing method that can substitute the conventional solvent and brush systems."