Tanned in France since 1923

With the help of our artisans who have inherited the tradition and the expertise of our ateliers. Owend by world famours luxury brand Hérmes.

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"Our tanneries are repositories of exceptional craftsmanship"


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"Beyond the fundamental knowledge of chemistry, the handling and observation of leathers is the core of our tanning profession, which is a craft that is learned only through hands-on experience. Hence, it is in the very heart of our production sites that our expertise is transmitted, by means of generations of experienced artisans who keep their expertise alive by passing it on to the younger generations."


"It is a profession based as much on the senses as on science. The tanning artisans learn together to evaluate the texture of a leather, its voice, its visual aspects, while always focused on the characteristics of the material and to better serve our customers. Tools and industrial methods are at their service so they can quickly respond to the orders, satisfying the required times and volumes, always achieving the expected quality level."