Collection: Aniline Leather

If you're unfamiliar with aniline leather, the first thing you must understand is that it's a leather of a very high quality.

Aniline is a reference to the dyes used in the final process after the hide is tanned. The special treatment makes it stand apart from other leathers. Aniline leather is a natural Nappa leather. Nappa tends to be a super soft hide of any animal, and the aniline dye brings out the hide's natural grains, markings and wrinkles to emphasise the leather's authenticity and individuality, making it more desirable. It can be waxed or polished to add a certain look and feel, or left over time to develop its own beauty.

Due to the fact that aniline dyeing is only suited to the highest-quality hides, aniline leather is extremely sought after, particularly the Tannerie D'annonay hides we source from France.