Collection: Distressed & Rugged Leather

If you require a less refined-looking leather, but one that still retains all the qualities a luxury leather possesses, our distressed and rugged leathers could be the ones for you.

Retro lovers, and those with a passion for patina, may well be attracted to these more distressed looking leathers to suit their tastes. An original-aged leather is irreplaceable. Only time, wear and tear can give it its unique look but our distressed and rugged leathers come a close second. For vintage, antique and retro audiences, distressed leather is a firm favourite.

When it comes to furniture or fashion items which need a little TLC, or a full restoration, a distressed or rugged leather can impersonate an original look perfectly. This popular leather finish is available across a range of hides sizes, colours and styles. Get in touch to discuss your options further.