Collection: Oils & Waxes (Pull Up) Leather

Pull-up leather is potentially the most popular and versatile of leathers. Whether it be in sumptuous sofas, heavier weight totes or high fashioned rugged footwear, you will have seen and touched it somewhere, and most likely commented on it.

It has a unique character due to its aniline dye-in-the-drum process which helps enrich its deep and vibrant colours. Moreover, it's a combination of the waxes and oils when finishing the leather which give it its supremely soft-hand feel.

'Recovery' is their most important characteristic. This is when the leather is marked in general usage and by rubbing the grain surface, often with just your hand or a cloth, the oils and waxes are re-disbursed, covering some of the most severe scuffs.

The term 'pull-up' refers to when the leather is stretched, pulled or folded over furniture frames or boot lasts revealing the lighter colour underneath through the grain