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Collection: Stevedore


Collection: Stevedore

Pure aniline veg tan...


Revered & Robust

If you require a full-grain leather that comes with plenty of strength and obvious quality, we’d urge you to take a closer look at Stevedore leather; it's the legacy leather of our Grandfather, E. F. Crack. With a robust, heavy-weight squared shoulder and a pure aniline finish, Stevedore is a testament to the unwavering dedication of the past. Despite its weight, it offers a medium mellow handle that makes it a versatile choice for various leather applications and creations.

A Heritage of Resilience & Determination

The name "Stevedore" holds a rich history in our family, inspired by our grandfather's experiences as a stevedore at Millwall Docks in South East London. He often told stories of the manual unloading of cargo ships from around the world, where bets were placed on who could carry the most on their back. He described how he would secure his well-worn thick leather belt tightly around his stomach, resembling a weightlifting belt in his bid to win "the pot"! This is an ode to him.

Stevedore: More Than a Leather

This leather reflects resilience, quality, and a family legacy that spans generations. With its generous size, striking Latin American colours, and robust finish, Stevedore comes with a touch of history and a wealth of quality that stands the test of time. We enjoy how the heritage of every piece will flood into your creations and echo the strength and determination of the past, for generations to come.