Tannerie D’Annonay

Collection: Annonay Nappa

Annonay Nappa

Collection: Annonay Nappa

Stunningly soft to touch with a small natural grain...


Crafting Annonay Nappa

The revered French tannery, Tannerie D'Annonay, are responsible for every stitch of elegance and heritage this leather has to offer. Behind it is a legacy of generations merging traditional leather craftsmanship with contemporary luxury. In doing so, whole French calf skins are transformed into a masterpiece of unrivalled softness and sophistication.

Natural Beauty & Earthy Hues

The earthy colour palette is what defines Annonay Nappa leather. From warm tans to deep browns, each shade celebrates the natural beauty of the leather. Moreover, the small, natural grain and matte finish provide a tactile experience that goes beyond the inviting visual textures.

Everyday Magnificence

Imagine your daily experience but with Annonay Nappa leather by your side. Be it in the form of a handbag, wallet or adorning the furniture where you sit, the quality will always be apparent. That’s the joy of luxury of French craftsmanship. It can bring moments of joy into your everyday life, reminding you of the timeless appeal of this extraordinary leather.