Badalassi Carlo

Collection: Badalassi Carlo Nappa Lux

Badalassi Carlo Nappa Lux

    Collection: Badalassi Carlo Nappa Lux

    Irresistibly soft with a pure aniline glaze…

    Nappa Lux Equals Luxury

    A&A Crack & Sons is dedicated to offering collections that echo the finest craftsmanship. Our partnership with Badalassi Carlo grants us access to a material that unites sumptuous softness with opulent elegance. Sourced from the revered Badalassi Carlo tannery, Nappa Lux is a celebration of refinement that transcends the ordinary.

    Crafted for the Senses

    Nappa Lux leather is a tactile leather that entices touch and beguiles the senses. This material undergoes a meticulous tanning process that enhances its natural softness, enveloping you in comfort with every interaction. The result is a leather that feels as exquisite as it looks, creating a sensory experience that's hard to replicate.

    Elevating Elegance to New Heights

    From leather goods that grace your everyday to accessories that accompany special occasions, Nappa Lux leather shines in every role. Its ability to age gracefully, developing a patina that narrates your journey, makes it a choice that stands the test of time.