Badalassi Carlo

Collection: Badalassi Carlo Pueblo

Badalassi Carlo Pueblo

Collection: Badalassi Carlo Pueblo

Vegetable tanned with a rustic appearance...


An Ode to Rustic Beauty

Sourced from the renowned Badalassi tannery, Pueblo leather is a celebration of the unrefined, the imperfect, and the uniquely beautiful. At A&A Crack & Sons, we can’t resist the allure of rustic elegance that simply captures the essence of nature's imperfections and transforms them into art.

Crafted by Nature, Perfected by Craftsmen

Characterised by its natural marks and distressed finish, this leather speaks of authenticity. Skilled craftsmen tan this leather with a harmonious blend of vegetable tannins and oils that enhance its durability while preserving its raw beauty. The result? A material that exudes character and ages with grace, handled by the experts.

From Urban to Wilderness

Badalassi Pueblo leather isn't confined by boundaries; it's a versatile companion that effortlessly transitions from urban streets to untamed wilderness. It’s an ideal choice for accessories that embody both style and substance. Whether it's a classy messenger bag for your daily commute or a rugged belt or accessory strap for your outdoor adventures, Pueblo leather accompanies you with elegance at every step.