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Collection: CFS African Kudu

CFS African Kudu

Collection: CFS African Kudu

Shows every possible scar, defect and bite...

Nature's Story Unfolds

African Kudu leather is a tapestry of nature's story. Sourced from Kudus, members of the deer family living amidst the arid and lush seasons of African plains, this leather is a testament to their rugged lives. Every scar, every marking, and every defect on these hides tells a tale of survival in one of the wildest parts of the world!

Embrace the Untamed Beauty

African Kudu leather captures the untamed beauty of its source. The grain of this wonderfully soft and supple leather showcases an authentic array of natural scars and markings, making each piece a unique work of art. The deep oils or nubuck processing add character, ensuring your products are unique, just like the Kudus in the wild.

Versatile & Rugged

Despite its rugged origin, African Kudu leather is incredibly versatile. It's one of our most popular sellers, and for good reason. The scars, defects, and natural elements present in the leather add to its charm. While some skins may carry small or large holes, and colour variance is expected, these imperfections only echo the untamed beauty of the African wilderness.