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Collection: CFS Eco-Grain Oiled

CFS Eco-Grain Oiled

Collection: CFS Eco-Grain Oiled

Chrome & Metal Free...

Sustainability Meets Uncompromising Beauty

Charles F. Stead's Eco-Grained Oiled leather is not just about crafting exceptional products; it's about embracing sustainability without compromise. This renewable and sustainable material has an added advantage – it's biodegradable. Each piece of this natural grain oiled leather comes with a unique story, and it's a story worth telling.

A Commitment to Eco-Friendly Leather

At Charles F. Stead, sustainability is at the heart of their ethos - something we fully admire and support. They're pioneers in the realm of sustainable leathers, leading the way in eco-friendly practices. Their commitment goes beyond being chrome-free; it's also metal-free, ensuring that the tanning process is as environmentally friendly as possible. The hides are sourced locally in the UK, reducing carbon footprints and supporting local communities.

Minimising Impact

The sustainability journey of Eco-Grained Oiled leather doesn't end with the selection of hides. Charles F. Stead's tannery production processes are conducted with unwavering commitment to rigorous environmental standards. Their compliance with some of the world's strictest regulations for wastewater discharge showcases their dedication to minimising their ecological footprint.