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Collection: CFS Janus Calf

CFS Janus Calf

Collection: CFS Janus Calf

Luxurious silky full grain reverse calf suede...

Janus Calf Leather: Where Luxury Meets Versatility

Janus Calf leather is a distinguished creation that combines the best of both worlds. By that, we mean that it is crafted from selected, young calf skins, boasting a sumptuous and silky suede side that's perfect for adding that touch of luxury. But there's more to Janus Calf than meets the eye. On the reverse side, you'll find a natural full grain with a rich aniline finish, offering the best of both suede and full-grain leather in one!

A Tribute to Janus, the Two-Faced God

The name 'Janus' carries an intriguing history, harking back to the Greek God with two faces - one looking to the past and the other to the future. In much the same way, Charles F. Stead’s Janus Calf leather offers a dual personality. Its luxurious suede side embodies the finest in suede craftsmanship, while the natural full-grain side presents a world of possibilities as a trim, adding sophistication to your projects.

Embossed Excellence with Janus Calf Scotchgrain

For those who seek an embossed variation, Janus Calf Scotchgrain leather embraces a unique texture that sets it apart. Whether you're crafting fine leather goods or fashioning bespoke accessories, Janus Calf Scotchgrain adds an extra layer of character and distinction.