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Collection: CFS Unicorn Wild Elk

CFS Unicorn Wild Elk

Collection: CFS Unicorn Wild Elk

Full-grain Artic Circle Elk skins...

Discover the Magic of Unicorn Wild Elk Leather

Charles F. Stead Unicorn Wild Elk leather is a truly magical creation rediscovered from the depths of time. This is no ordinary leather; it has a captivating story that begins in a Finnish tannery in the 1970s, nestled in the harsh yet stunning landscapes of the Arctic Circle. These skins are a testament to the rugged beauty of this region’s nature.

Nature's Signature on Every Skin

Unicorn Wild Elk leather belongs to the Cervus genus, a proud member of the deerskin family. Each skin bears the marks of life in the Arctic wilderness, showcasing all the natural defects and imperfections that come with such an untamed existence. The result is a leather with a dense, yet incredibly soft touch. It's a reminder that nature's fingerprints, though imperfect, create something uniquely beautiful.

Limitless Uniqueness

What truly sets Unicorn Wild Elk leather apart is its sheer individuality. No two skins are alike; each one carries a distinctive story etched in its grains. This leather dares you to think differently, to embrace the beauty in imperfection, and to craft something that's not just an item but an experience. It's a canvas for designers and artisans who seek to tell a story of wild landscapes and nature's resilience.