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Collection: Country Cow

Country Cow

Collection: Country Cow

Vegetable re-tanned, heavy weight waxy pull up...

High-Quality European Leather

A&A Crack & Sons' Country Cow Leather Collection is the cream of the crop. Sourced and tanned from Europe, and crafted from heavy Ox hides, this leather collection showcases a leather craftsmanship we’re proud to put our name on. Sometimes referred to as ‘Crazy Horse’ leather, it has a charm that’s hard to ignore.

A Palette of Distinctive Leather Colours

Our ‘Crazy Horse’ collection offers an extensive range of shades, from autumnal classics to vibrant pastels. Whether you require a Pillar Box Red, Dandelion Yellow or Marine Blue, this collection has got you covered. Furthermore, each hue boasts a unique pull-up finish, ensuring your leather goods and leather projects are one-of-a-kind. Make your creations bespoke with Country Cow Leather from A&A Crack & Sons.


Commitment to Quality & Welfare

At A&A Crack & Sons, we prioritise animal welfare and ethical practices. Our hides are sourced from temperate zones and comply with stringent legislation on responsible farming and environmental stewardship. With Country Cow Leather, you're not just choosing premium quality; you're also choosing a responsible and sustainable option for your creations. So rest assured when you’re ordering your free samples for consideration.