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Collection: Epi Smooth

Epi Smooth

Collection: Epi Smooth

Clean smooth sides with a matte finish...


Exploring EPI Smooth Leather

EPI Smooth has an air of swagger, and rightly so; it’s one of the preferred choices for some of the world’s leading fashion brands. Oozing sophistication, this dyed-through side leather boasts a semi-supple feel, offering a clean, smooth matte finish. As part of the A&A Crack collection, EPI Smooth sets the standard for refined leather projects.

Characteristics that Captivate

Getting hands-on with this leather’s matte texture, medium handle, and irresistibly smooth finish, will open up endless doors of possibilities. With a substance ranging from 1.8 to 2.0mm and an average skin size of 18 - 22 sqft, it delivers a versatile canvas for your leather projects. Crafted from chrome-tanned cowhide in a side or half-hide cut, this leather is tailored for a whole host of leather accessories, bags, saddlery, wallets, and watch straps.

A Rainbow of Possibilities

Flexibility is at the forefront when it comes to this leather’s characteristics, but it is also a versatile choice for leather projects that welcome colour. When you require leather that remains elegant whilst being adaptable, the charm of EPI Smooth is sure to win you over.