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Collection: Epsom Calf

Epsom Calf

Collection: Epsom Calf

much sought-after leather...


Epsom Calf's Luxurious Appeal

Epsom Calf leather attracts well-known fashion houses globally. It’s a leather that has a distinct richness. Each French half calf skin is meticulously crafted, boasting a semi-bright allure and a delicate heat-embossed grain. This is the touch of prestige that Epsom Calf effortlessly provides and why it has become so popular.

Crafted Brilliance in Every Fibre

There’s an artistry with Epsom Calf. The fine grain, delicately heat-embossed into the surface, creates a visual aesthetic that speaks volumes about craftsmanship. You can feel the rigid strength and extreme durability as soon as you get to grips with this brilliant leather. The palette is also testament to versatility, offering vibrant standout colours and muted pastel tones, providing a canvas for your imagination to run wild.

Unveiling the A&A Crack Collection

As part of the A&A Crack collection, Epsom Calf leather further reinforces our commitment to excellence. Whether you're fashioning leather accessories such as bags, wallets, or watch straps, this collection can complement a whole range of products. With characteristics like a medium handle and a semi-bright finish your creations will make a statement in the world of leather.