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Collection: Fiorentina


Collection: Fiorentina

Heavy vegetable-tanned printed aniline shoulders...

A Tuscany Treasure

If it’s luxury Italian leather you’re after, Fiorentina leather is a respectable choice. It hails from the heart of Tuscany, Italy, and lives up to the expectations associated with Italian leather. This vegetable-tanned aniline heavy shoulder boasts a classic grain and a thickness of 2.0-2.2mm, making it a durable and reliable leather. Furthermore, its unique character is enhanced by a subtle pull-up effect, setting it apart as a versatile leather that promises to bring a touch of Italian craftsmanship to your projects.

Celebrating Fiorentina's Distinctive Heritage

When you choose Fiorentina leather, you're embracing the rich heritage of Italy. The traditional craftsmanship of Tuscany, renowned for its artistry in leatherwork, is reflected in the embossed classic grain that adds to its authentic charm. Meanwhile the slight pull-up effect provides an engaging interplay of shades.

Showcasing the Versatility of Fiorentina Leather

Fiorentina leather offers a world of creative possibilities. Its thickness and unique pull-up effect make it a preferred choice for a variety of leather goods. Whether you're crafting a classic accessory or a statement piece, Fiorentina is a formidable choice. Its Italian origin and distinctive grain will breathe life into your projects, turning them into timeless works of art, so get in touch and discuss your options with A&A Crack & Sons.