Collection: HCP Nile Crocodile

HCP Nile Crocodile

Collection: HCP Nile Crocodile

Sourced exclusively from the Hermès tannery in France...


Exotic, Elegant & Exclusive

We want to provide our customers with the world’s most exceptional leathers, including the unique, the exotic and the elusive. Our exclusive HCP Nile Crocodile collection is firmly within that category. Sourced solely from the prestigious Hermès tannery in France - a place where they revere the artistry of exotic leathers. That’s why we proudly stock only the finest top-grade skins, each a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of Hermès.

Nature's Style: Crocodile Niloticus

The allure of Crocodile Niloticus skin, a jewel from the Nile River, carefully selected for its distinctive features is there for all to see. The small pores at the edges of each skin, serving as the animal's primary sensory organ for freshwater navigation, highlight the sophistication of this exotic leather. Sourced from reputable farms in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, we like to celebrate the uniqueness of each piece. And so should you!

Tanned by Hermès at HCP French Tannery

Tanned to perfection by the Hermès-owned French Tannery HCP, Nile Crocodile leather undergoes a series of special processes, deepening the respect for this treasured tannery. Such methodical care and attention to detail ensures authenticity and excellence in every piece. With a substance ranging from 1.2 to 1.4mm and a discreet sheen, these exquisite skins, available in two size brackets - 30-34cm and 35-39cm, invite you to experience the true sophistication of exotic leathers. For a palette of special colours and other species such as Alligator and Porosus, refer to the HCP Colour Card and contact us for additional information.