Collection: Horween Chamois

Horween Chamois

Collection: Horween Chamois

The original oiled nubuck...

A Unique Tanning Process

Horween Chamois leather marries tradition with modern techniques to create a distinctive material. Beginning with high-quality full-grain leather, it undergoes a soaking process in a mixture of oils, greases, and waxes. This infusion results in a smooth, oily surface and a characteristic pull-up effect. When stretched, the leather lightens, returning to its original hue when relaxed.

Distinctly Soft & Velvety

Chamois leather boasts a unique texture in that it’s soft, yet subtly velvety to the touch. This distinct tactile experience makes it a sought-after choice for various applications, including leather gloves, comfortable clothing, and leather accessories. Its supple and flexible nature provides a one-of-a-kind feel.

Versatile & Ageless

With its rich blend of oils and the classic oiled nubuck finish, Chamois leather is an exceptional leather. Moreover, it’s versatile, often favoured for crafting high-quality work gloves, offering a superb grip, comfort, and durability. Beyond gloves, it's employed in outerwear like jackets and coats, delivering a soft and luxurious touch. Chamois leather also finds its place in wallets, bags, and accessories. As it ages, it gracefully develops a rich patina, highlighting its unique character and well-worn appearance.