Collection: Horween Chromexcel® Bison

Horween Chromexcel® Bison

Collection: Horween Chromexcel® Bison

Tanned on Bison raw material...

The Distinctive Charm of Bison Chromexcel®

Horween Bison Chromexcel® is known for its rugged and textured appearance, paying tribute to the natural beauty of bison hides. A leather with authentic character and style makes it perfect for those who appreciate a fusion of the wild and the refined. This unique leather is tanned on bison raw material and features an emboss that replicates the distinctive grain of bison.

A Durable Legacy with Bison

This is a leather that inherits a legacy of over a century in leather quality and excellence; it is, in fact, an offspring of the legendary Horween Chromexcel® leather. Yet what sets Bison Chromexcel® apart is not just its aesthetic appeal, but its remarkable durability. The robust composition of this leather ensures that it can endure the rigours of time and wear. A remarkable material that can withstand time and nature's elements.

Find Comfort Within

As this leather is produced using the original bark re-tannage recipe, followed by a hot stuffing process with a blend of natural oils and waxes, it results in a magnificent true aniline hand-rubbed finish. The craftsmanship and intricate recipe details of Chromexcel® have been passed down through the generations of the Horween family, making it a living legacy of superior comfort.