Collection: Horween Derby

Horween Derby

Collection: Horween Derby

Tumbled with a rich blend of waxes...

A Rugged Elegance

At A&A Crack & Sons, we're passionate about bringing you the finest in leather craftsmanship, and Horween Derby is up there with the best of them. As the most rustic version of the vegetable tanned leather lines, Derby embodies a distinctive blend of texture, touch and beauty.

A Leather with Character

Horween Derby is a vegetable-tanned leather infused with a rich blend of waxes. The processing of this leather is quite remarkable and undergoes special attention to bring out its natural highs and lows. This unique process results in a leather that's more rugged than Dublin but displays a softer temper. It's a character-rich material, known for its highly distressed appearance and rugged charm. Perfect for leather artisans looking to capture the imagination and create something truly bespoke.

Precision in the Process

The distinctive tumbling process lends Horween Derby its highly distressed and rugged appearance, setting it apart from other leathers - and is just one of the reasons we champion this luxury leather. It also showcases great tonality, with a rich pull-up effect that adds depth and character. What sets Derby apart is not just its initial charm but the promise of a rich patina as it ages, evolving into a unique work of art with each passing day.