Collection: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan®

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan®

Collection: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan®

A process taking at least six months...

The Art of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan®

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan® represents the pinnacle of leather craftsmanship. A slow and gentle transformation is the foundation of Cordovan's exceptional character. Every step of the journey is infused with precision and care, a testament to the artisanal dedication that sets Cordovan apart. This is just one example of some of the many reasons A & A Crack & Sons hold Horween leather in such high regard.

Handcrafted Excellence

Another aspect we admire are the highly skilled artisans that meticulously curry and shave each shell by hand, revealing the true essence of this luxury leather. Dyes are applied with a personal touch, creating a deep aniline finish that brings out the leather's natural beauty and enhances its overall durability. It's this handcrafted approach that ensures every piece of Cordovan leather is a work of art in its own right.

A Rich, Glossy Finish

The final touch in the Genuine Shell Cordovan journey is the hand glazing process, which imparts the rich, glossy look and feel that's cherished by fine craftsmen and leather enthusiasts alike. The attention to detail throughout the entire journey results in a leather that's not just a material but a testament to Horween's legacy of excellence.