Collection: Horween Muskeg Aberdeen

Horween Muskeg Aberdeen

Collection: Horween Muskeg Aberdeen

A heavy weight, drum stuffed article...

A Classic Leather

Timeless appeal is an attractive factor when we’re choosing leather. Horween Muskeg Aberdeen Zug Leather is an exceptional example of this. It’s a leather which reflects our commitment to providing you the finest materials that combine classic craftsmanship with bags of elegance.

A Heritage of Durability & Style

Crafted on sturdy steer hides and tanned using traditional methods, Muskeg Aberdeen is a heavyweight, drum-stuffed leather that pays homage to heritage. It is traditionally known as 'Zug,' also recognised as the original 'Martins grain' and today as 'Scotchgrain'. Horween Muskeg Aberdeen Leather is celebrated for its heavy-duty nature, making it a preferred choice for artisans and craftsmen creating heavy-duty boots and other durable leather goods.

A Testament to Timeless Quality

Muskeg Aberdeen Leather, produced by the esteemed Horween tannery, is a testament to the enduring legacy of leather craftsmanship. When you choose Muskeg Aberdeen from A&A Crack & Sons, you are choosing not just a material, but a piece of history and tradition.