Collection: Horween Pioneer Hatch Grain

Horween Pioneer Hatch Grain

Collection: Horween Pioneer Hatch Grain

Hatch embossed aniline topped...

Horween Pioneer Hatch Grain Leather: A Tribute to Russian Calf

Horween Pioneer Hatch Grain Leather pays homage to the illustrious Russian Calf, a material steeped in history and craftsmanship. This luxury leather reflects a rich legacy and is renowned as one of the world's finest. Its tanning process, known to only a select few, has been an envied secret, cherished for generations.

A Journey of Meticulous Craftsmanship

Our partnership with the esteemed Chicago tannery, allows us to proudly offer this sought-after material. Pioneer Hatch Grain leather combines a medium-rounded tannage with an aniline top, creating a canvas that's both visually and physically outstanding. Its texture and character make it the perfect choice for those who desire rugged durability and timeless style in the form of leather jackets, bags and more.

Horween's Legacy of Excellence

Produced by the renowned American tannery, Horween, this leather is an execution by skilled craftsmen. The rich, glossy look and feel is cherished by leather enthusiasts and artisans. This luxury leather is an invitation for you to create something truly exceptional.