Collection: Intercom Ecostick®

Intercom Ecostick®

Collection: Intercom Ecostick®

Non solvent Italian water based adhesive...


A Legacy of Leather Expertise

With over five decades in the wholesale leather industry, A&A Crack is a trusted name synonymous with quality. As a leading leather supplier, our commitment extends beyond leather itself to include premium tools, creams, dyes, and the best glue for leather.

What Makes a Good Leather Glue?

Understanding the nuances of leather bonding, we introduce Intercom Glue, a water-based adhesive revolutionising the industry. Unlike solvent-based alternatives, Intercom offers flexibility, quick-drying features, and a clear finish. Discover the advantages of water-based glue, prioritising safety, health, environmental impact, and enhanced leather quality.

Introducing Intercom Ecostick®

At the forefront of adhesive technology for leather goods, Intercom Ecostick® presents a game-changing solution. With 100% non-solvent, water-based formulas, Intercom redefines efficiency, quality, and sustainability. Explore their innovative spraying system, ensuring even coverage, reduced waste, and sensible packaging. Choose a leather glue that aligns with performance, environmental consciousness, and customer welfare.