J&FJ Baker & Co Ltd

Collection: J&FJ Baker Waxed Flesh Calf

J&FJ Baker Waxed Flesh Calf

Collection: J&FJ Baker Waxed Flesh Calf

Calf skins from locally bred herds...

A Heritage of Excellence

The illustrious history of J&FJ Baker takes us back to 1862 when the Baker family took charge of the tannery. Over 150 years later, J&FJ Baker & Co. Ltd. remains a family business, dedicated to the craft of producing exceptional leather. This legacy is the cornerstone of what makes this leather so special. As a family run business ourselves, we’re proud to associate with such a remarkable institution.

A Tradition in Waxing

The hallmark of J&FJ Baker Waxed Flesh Calf Leather is its rich waxed finish. During the tanning process, a special wax finish is meticulously applied to the flesh side of the leather. This process isn't just about aesthetics, however, it's about creating a leather that's built to last. The waxed surface adds an enduring quality to the leather while infusing it with a rustic, weathered appearance. This unique blend of durability and character is what amplifies its popularity in the world of leather.

From Past to Present

Waxed Flesh Calf Leather has anm interesting history. It was once the leather of choice for crafting riding and hunting boots, as it welcomed the rigours of the chase and the jump in the outdoors. To restore these boots to their former glory, a unique method known as ’boning’ was employed. It involved using the fatty bone of a meat joint to re-oil the scratched leather. This rich history is etched into every piece of J&FJ Baker Waxed Flesh Calf Leather.

The Craftsmanship Continues

Local, well-bred calf hides are the foundation of this leather's exceptional quality. These hides undergo two weeks in the limeyard and a three-month pit tanning process with Oak Bark. The secret dressing applied to the flesh side is a recipe closely guarded within the Baker household – a tradition that continues today.