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Collection: Motorollo


Collection: Motorollo

Full spec upholstery hides...

What is Motorollo Leather?

In its simplest of forms, Motorollo leather is a versatile and durable leather, providing options for a wide range of leather projects. With a distinct soft, matte finish it opens the possibilities to both luxurious and practical creations. Its versatility is demonstrated in all kinds of thoughtful and functional ways and with several colour choices, we see it popping up everywhere!

From Contract Upholstery to Camper Vans

Although this leather could be viewed as one for the bold, it also suits the more unadventurous amongst us. We often see it being used in offices and restaurants where its longevity will flourish, as well as in pet care products due to its durability. However, we also see it in creative leather upholstery projects, injecting new life into retro vehicles and furniture. Either way, Motorollo shines, regardless.

A Quality Leather You Can Trust

As good as it looks, Motorollo isn't just about its appearance; it's built to last. It undergoes extensive testing, excelling in attributes like dry rub, wet rub, sweat rub, light fastness, crib 5, finish adhesion, and tear strength. This means that when you choose Motorollo, you're choosing quality you can rely on for a wide range of applications, making its versatility one of its most attractive features.