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Collection: Nubuck Scotch

Nubuck Scotch

Collection: Nubuck Scotch

Scotchgrain emboss on classic nubuck...

A Distinct Texture & Appearance

What you will notice about Nubuck Scotch leather, compared to regular Nubuck, is that it offers a more unique and textured appearance. Developed as an extension of the Nubuck collection, it incorporates a 'Scotchgrain' print that adds an intriguing pattern to the surface. While it shares similarities with suede, it segregates itself with a tighter and drier nap, giving it a prominent smooth and velvet-like feel. A captivating choice for those who appreciate unconventional leather styles.

Hardwearing & Multifunctional

We didn’t want our Nubuck Scotch to rely solely on its visual appeal, so we have to highlight its remarkable durability too. Tanned using full-grain hides, this leather is strong and resilient, suitable for multiple applications. Whether you're crafting leather goods, footwear, or considering an upholstery project, Nubuck Scotch proves to be a versatile and long-lasting option. Its ability to withstand wear and tear makes it an excellent choice for both functional and fashionable items.

Investing in High Quality Leather

Nubuck Scotch is part of the A&A Crack collection for a reason. We want to ensure that the leather you're investing in is of a high-quality that upholds our reputation for excellence. This leather merges distinctive aesthetics, durability, and versatility, taking it to another level when it comes to luxury leathers. Additionally, with our variety of colours to choose from, all with the added Scotchgrain print, you can further infuse personality into your leather projects with ease.