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Collection: Outback


Collection: Outback

Distressed heavy veg tan bends...

Exploring the Outback Leather Collection

With a name like Outback, you may be expecting an exotic leather collection. Yet, rather than crocodiles it's more about craftsmanship and nature converging to create something truly exceptional. Outback leather, known for its heavyweight build, is meticulously vegetable-tanned, resulting in a rugged and robust material. Thie aniline distressed finish tells a story of adventure and character whilst being crafted from single butts further cementing its authenticity.

Outback’s Defining Features

Outback leather is a symbol of durability and strength. The aniline distressed finish adds an element of timeless charm, as each mark and imperfection carries a story and the natural grain patterns are a visual feast. Furthermore, to touch, you'll feel the slight pull-up effect, a reminder of the leather's resilience. Outback leather offers both beauty and brawn.

Versatile Creations Await

Whether you're creating belts, leather goods, or equestrian products, trust in the strength and character of Outback leather to deliver the performance and aesthetics that riders and leather enthusiasts demand. As part of the prestigious A&A Crack collection, Outback leather retains the premium quality and distinction that defines our brand.