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Collection: Suede Kid

Suede Kid

Collection: Suede Kid

Velvet velour surface nap...

Super Suede Kid Leather

This one’s a gem within the A&A Crack collection. Crafted from lightweight kids' skins, each piece showcases a beautiful velvet velour surface nap and a reverse grain side, setting it apart as a luxurious choice for your leather creations. Suede Kid leather finds its place in a variety of products, from leather goods to footwear, offering versatility and sophistication in comparison to traditional leather.

Characteristics of Kid

Characterised by its matte finish, soft handle, and strong velour nap, Suede Kid leather is a tactile delight. With a substance ranging from 0.8mm to 1.0mm, it strikes the perfect balance between durability and elegance. The average skin size varies from 3 to 6 sqft, ensuring flexibility in your designs. Suede Kid leather is sourced from Kid animals, with the entire hide used for consistency. Its tannage is chrome, guaranteeing longevity.

Kid in Charming Colours

Suede Kid leather comes in a variety of stunning colours, igniting your imagination and attracting all kinds of possibilities. From Aqua and Barbie pink to more natural tones such as Slate and Walnut, there’s the opportunity to both dazzle and delight.