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Collection: Tarnished Metallic

Tarnished Metallic

Collection: Tarnished Metallic

Crackle metallic suede base...

Mesmerising Metallic Leather

Tarnished Metallic Leather is a unique addition to the A&A Crack collection. Despite its appearance, this leather has a soft yet rounded velour suede texture, ‘tarnished’ with a metallic fleck that creates an almost crackle-like effect. If you're seeking to infuse your products with a captivating shimmer and sparkle, Tarnished Metallic Leather is your secret weapon.

Under the Skin

Sourced from cowhide, Tarnished Metallic Leather utilises the double butt cut section and is tanned with chrome for lasting quality. Beneath the metallic magic lies a suede base, offering a soft and inviting handle. With a substantial substance ranging from 1.3mm to 1.5mm, this leather strikes the perfect balance between durability and elegance. Each skin boasts an average size of 18 to 22 sqft, providing ample material for your creative endeavours.

What Will You Create?

This exceptional leather is versatile and finds its place in a wide range of products, including accessories, bags, and footwear. With a minimum order requirement of just one skin, Tarnished Metallic Leather makes it easy to infuse a touch of elegance and shimmer into your designs. Get in touch, book your consultation, and begin your glittering leather journey!