Collection: Tempesti Maine Liscio

Tempesti Maine Liscio

Collection: Tempesti Maine Liscio

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Embracing the Tempesti Maine Legacy

A&A Crack & Sons' partnership with Tempesti reflects our dedication to quality and innovation. Tempesti Maine Liscio leather stands as a testament to enduring beauty. Sourced from world-renowned tannery Tempesti, this iconic leather is defined by squared shoulders. With a pure vegetable tanning process and full-grain texture, it boasts a non-pigmented aniline finish that adds character while preserving the essence of the material.

Crafting Boldness and Elegance

Maine leather invites creativity with its supple and mellow touch, offering a range of bold and pastel colour shades. As you create, you're not just crafting; you're shaping narratives of sophistication and style. Tempesti Maine Liscio leather isn't just a material; it's a canvas for your creativity. Each piece pays homage to the legacy of Italian craftsmanship, resonating with the dedication that Tempesti embodies.

Your Vision, Our Palette

Seeking a shade beyond our collection? Connect with us, as expanding our range is a commitment we take seriously. We’re happy to work with you to produce additional shades based on your preferences. When choosing to enrich our palette with an existing Tempesti colour, a minimum order of 3 skins ensures that your vision becomes reality.