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Collection: Timeshift


Collection: Timeshift

Not an everyday modern leather...


Timelessness in Timeshift Craftsmanship

A leather aptly named for its ability to transport us to eras long past. This de-chromed, vegetable re-tanned, through-dyed full-grain European bovine side leather screams know-how in technique. Its artistry is obvious. The top coat, a subtle blend of waxes, oils, and fats, undergoes two separate temperature plating and ironing procedures, ensuring an exquisite finish.

Nature Narrated

This leather narrates nature's journey. It is not your everyday modern leather; it's a living canvas of the past, a piece of history in your hands! The transparent surface, a testament to authenticity, showcases every natural mark the animal has encountered. Developed for those who seek to embed history in their final product, Timeshift reveals a heritage like no other.

Timeshift in Modern Artisanship

Originating from a Bugatti door card restoration project, Timeshift is now embraced by vintage automotive restorers, largely for its historical significance. While rooted in history, Timeshift also has a place in modern craftsmanship. Leather artisans adore it, as it promises both promising and exciting results. Creative minds like to explore and experiment with the beauty of imperfections. Whether crafting footwear or equestrian products, Timeshift stands as an homage to heritage in every stitch.