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Collection: Timeshift Carriage

Timeshift Carriage

Collection: Timeshift Carriage

This yesteryear patina...

Timeshift Carriage's Vintage Roots

Enter bygone eras of nostalgia with Timeshift Carriage leather. Originally crafted for horse-drawn vehicles, it was designed to withstand the rigour and the weather. Over time, it would show signs of age and develop a unique patina, despite a protective wax or grease layer. With the advancements in the motor industry the wax and oil became redundant, but the leather-making process persisted.Today, this yesteryear patina is cherished in vintage and classic vehicle refurbishments.

Crafted in England

Timeshift Carriage owes credit to its craftsmanship in England. Initially a base-dyed full-grain cowhide in brown or tan, it developed into an intricate three-colour mix - base dye, pigment coat, and dark crevices - each shade telling its own tale. The result is a historic nod and a tribute to the enduring charm of vintage aesthetics.

Refurbishing with Timeshift Carriage

Timeshift Carriage leather is iconic in the refurbishment of vintage and classic vehicles. Embossed with a bold grain pattern and its smooth finish makes it perfect for vintage car interiors. With a choice of three classic colours to choose from, we hope one will complement your upholstery perfectly. This collection, part of the A&A Crack collection, preserves the history of leather craftsmanship and also offers a timeless charm for those who appreciate the beauty of the past.