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Collection: Valley


Collection: Valley

Aniline glazed heavy veg tan...


Valley Leather Craftsmanship & Composition

Crafted from meticulously sourced, single butt, heavy-weight vegetable-tanned bends, each piece exudes consistency and quality. Furthermore, the aniline glazed finish adds a touch of sophistication, highlighting the natural grain that defines this as a premium leather.

A Versatile Appeal

Having a leather that’s versatile only adds to its appeal. Valley leather draws you in with its slight degree of pull-up, (a distinctive trait that enhances its visual aesthetic). The beautiful natural grain becomes a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to craft an array of leather goods. From accessories to equestrian products, Valley's versatility knows no bounds.

A&A Crack Collections

We have a broad collection of leathers to offer. We love the variety and aim to bring you only the best. Valley takes pride of place as part of the A&A Crack & Sons’ offering. It’s a testament to quality and refinement, and is a hallmark of our commitment to excellence. Each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and that’s what we love about Valley leather.