Collection: Walpier Burro

Walpier Burro

    Collection: Walpier Burro

    Also knows as Ghost Buttero...

    Walpier Burro Leather & Its Ghostly Beauty

    There’s an enigmatic allure surrounding Walpier Burro leather, also known as 'Ghost' or 'Ghost Buttero'. A name derived from the white wax application that graces the surface, creating a stunning visual effect. The name 'Ghost' could also be viewed as a prelude to the transformative journey this leather undertakes over time.

    Patina in Progress

    The white wax finish is more than just an aesthetic choice; it's a promise of natural evolution. As days go by, the surface patinas, unveiling the hidden base colour beneath. For those eager to accelerate the reveal, a simple buff with a dry cloth yields a burnished sheen that radiates with brilliance.

    Versatility with Style

    Walpier Burro leather doesn't just captivate with its mystique; it delivers on practicality too. The medium to firm handle and 100% vegetable tanning form a foundation for a diverse range of leathergoods. Whether crafting accessories or statement pieces, Burro leather ensures your creations stand out in both style and substance.