Collection: Walpier Buttero

Walpier Buttero

Collection: Walpier Buttero

A veg tan ageing gracefully throughout its life...


Italian Leather Excellence Unveiled

At A&A Crack & Sons, we are dedicated to offer collections that celebrate true craftsmanship. Our partnership with Walpier leather reflects this commitment. The pinnacle of Italian craft can be witnessed with Walpier Buttero leather – a material that encapsulates the artistry and tradition of Italy's finest tanneries.

Crafted for Perfection

Buttero leather's charm lies in its impeccable quality and texture. Meticulously tanned to showcase its natural beauty, each piece carries the mark of skilled artisans. The result is leather that's not only visually stunning but also capable of withstanding the tests of time.

Elevate Every Leather Accessory

From refined wallets to luxurious bags, Walpier Buttero leather elevates every accessory to a new level of elegance. Its versatility allows it to be shaped into designs that bridge classic aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities. With the promise of ageing gracefully, each piece becomes a reflection of enduring beauty.