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Cape karoo genuine ostrich

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Genuine Ostrich leather is an exotic leather, making it sought after for the skins unique quill pattern, that gives the leather a hill and valley or goose bump appearance. The bumps are formed by feather follicles that close into quills after the feathers are removed. These quills are clearly visible in a diamond shape that covers the centre area of the ostrich skin known as the “crown”. In total, about 55% of the skin is covered in quills, which include the crown, neck and belly areas. 

Please refer to the Cape Karoo Colour Card and contact us to place an order.

All Ostrich skins are made to order and are subject to a £30 custom import charge. 

Tanned by South African Tannery Cape Karoo.


Matte, Natural Grain, Raised Quill Follicles, Silky Touch
Average skin size
14 - 18 sqft
Cut section
Whole Hide
Popular products
Bags, Bespoke Footwear, Luxury Sneakers, Wallets, Cardholders, Watch Straps
Minimum order
1 skin if tannery has stock, or 5 skins per colour for dying




I Can’t See Your Prices?

Our prices are quoted based on quantity order. If you would like to know any prices before receiving your samples, then please let us know the leather articles you are interested in.

How Do I Order?

Once you have chosen your selected skin(s), you need to contact us with your order.

Please state the article description fully, how many skin(s) you would like and include any special requirements. (e.g., Small or Large skins)

We will require a 50% pro-forma deposit to begin preparing your order. The deposit is based only as an estimation of the average skin size.

The accurate skins size and shipping charges will be added to the final invoice for payment. Once your order is ready and packed, we will email you a final invoice to pay so we can despatch the goods.



What Are The Shipping Costs For Leather Skins/Hides?

For UK destinations please see the pricing info below. Generally, our parcels are delivered the next working day, but can take longer during busier periods. For International Orders & Additional handling (overweight) – price by quotation. All below prices are subject to the addition of VAT.

Parcel size

Small: 79x10x10, max 30kg: £12.50

Medium: 129x10x10, max 30kg: £16.50

Large: 131x17x17, max 30kg: £20.50

Extra large (wide): 119x32x16, max 30kg: £30.50

We can deliver to most international destinations by quotation. Contact Us.


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How to choose your leather

If you are new to buying leather, it might seem a little overwhelming with so many choices. Fear not! We are here to help you through this process. There are however a few key things to consider. Remember we highly recommend you take advantage of our free sample service before you commit to buying. There’s nothing better than seeing, touching and smelling the leather!

1. Colour

The most seemingly obvious choice. We often use a reference rather than a classic colour name. For example, ‘’. This colour reference will appear after the article name in the title and before the substance.


If you are looking for a general shade, you can filter through the website with our Colour filter. Here you will find the colours are grouped in categories such as ‘Reds’ ‘Oranges’ ‘Dark Blues’ etc.

2. Substance (Thickness)

An important consideration when selecting leather. Our articles are grouped in substance categories in the filter to help narrow your selection down. This substance reference will appear at the end of an article, after the colour reference.


The above example indicates that skins/hides from this particular article will generally have a substance from anywhere between 1.2/1.4mm. This is a guide, and on occasion may fall slightly outside of this range.

What exactly are you looking to make with the leather? If it’s a belt, you’ll likely need a thicker leather at least above 2.0mm. If you are making costumes/garments you would need lightweight leather around 0.8/1.0mm. It’s important to do your research on what substance is required when making you particular product. If you see a leather you love but is perhaps too thick in substance, then you can consider splitting down using our Splitting Service.

3. Animal Cut/Skin Size

Animals come in all shapes and sizes, so naturally this relates to the skin/hide size that the tannery tan to produce the desired leather. You can find a diagram on each article page, which shows you the estimated dimensions of the article for an average skin/hide. 

If you are only making small products such as wallets, watch straps and accessories then likely most types of skins/hides will work for you. If you are looking at upholstering large furniture, then you would need to look at whole hides or larger half hides. Please let us know if you have any specific pattern sizes when placing an order.

4. Characteristics

After colour, probably the most appealing aspect of your leather! The characteristics of your leather are the real selling point of your product. You can choose from a variety different options that we’ve categorised in our filter to help you choose. Looking for a smooth clean look? Metallic or Embossed? Or how about Rugged and Distressed? The choice is yours…

5. Other considerations

Tannage – This relates to how the leather is tanned and the processes involved.

Appearance – Similarly another characteristic relating to the surface look.

Handle – The touch and feel of the leather.

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