Badalassi Carlo

Collection: Badalassi Carlo NoFin

Badalassi Carlo NoFin

Collection: Badalassi Carlo NoFin

“Vacchetta” shoulders coloured in a barrel...

Nothing Compares to Nofin Leather

Born in the heart of Italy, Nofin leather's beauty lies in its grain pattern – a mesmerising dance between small and large pebble-like textures, creating an appearance that's both distinctive and captivating. A material that captures the essence of artistry, innovation, and elegance. One that inspires both artisans and luxury brands worldwide.

A Spectrum of Richness

The rich, deep colour of Nofin leather isn't just on the surface – it's a journey that delves deep into the hide. The drum-dyeing process ensures that the colour saturates every fibre, resulting in a hue that resonates with vibrancy and permanence. This commitment to colour is a testament to the dedication of Badalassi Carlo’s historic traditions.

A Touch of Softness, A World of Strength

Nofin leather surprises with its soft and supple texture – a tactile experience that invites touch and exploration. This quality makes it a favourite choice for leather goods that are meant to be handled frequently. But don't be fooled by its softness; Nofin leather doesn't compromise on durability. It stands firm against wear and tear, making it the ideal companion for those who seek both comfort and longevity.

The leather is drum-dyed to achieve a deep, rich colour that penetrates the entire thickness of the hide. Soft and supple in texture, it is a popular choice for leather goods that are handled frequently, yet despite its softness, Nofin leather is also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes it a popular choice among leathercrafters and luxury brands.