Badalassi Carlo

Collection: Badalassi Carlo Wax

Badalassi Carlo Wax

Collection: Badalassi Carlo Wax

Tanned in a wooden drum using oils and animal fats...

Crafted for Timeless Distinction

Badalassi Carlo Wax leather invites you into a world of rugged elegance. Made with meticulous care in Italy's renowned Badalassi Carlo tannery, this vegetable-tanned leather carries the legacy of craftsmanship that defines the brand. Its unique character emerges from a tanning process that involves oils and animal fats, culminating in a leather that's both distinctive and durable.

Embrace the Rugged Charm

A & A Crack believe that wax leather's charm lies in its rugged and distressed appearance – a testament to the journeys it's ready to embark upon. This leather thrives in the face of wear and tear, embracing the patina of life as it's lived. While it may show signs of scratches and scuffs, these imperfections only add to its authenticity, making it a beloved choice for the outerwear and workwear industries.

A Journey of Refinement

Badalassi Carlo Wax leather is a material that ages gracefully, evolving with time to tell a unique story. Each wear and adventure etches a mark on its surface, resulting in a leather that's as unique as the individual who wears it. This is a leather that improves with age, becoming a canvas of memories that traverse casual outings and formal occasions alike.

The wax leather has a rugged and distressed appearance and is more susceptible to scratches and scuffs, which attracts the attention of outerwear and workwear industries. Badalassi Carlo Wax leather only improves with age, making it a versatile leather that can be used for both casual and formal leather goods.