Charles F Stead & Co

Collection: CFS Desert Oasis

CFS Desert Oasis

Collection: CFS Desert Oasis

A soft, chunky suede with a sporty look...

Unmatched Legacy & Luxury

Welcome to the world of Charles F. Stead. A&A Crack & Sons are delighted to showcase this Desert Oasis Suede Leather - a remarkable suede leather from a distinguished English tannery with a legacy spanning over a century. The art of producing suede leather has been here mastered through a commitment to quality, heritage, and excellence.

The Unique Allure of Desert Oasis Suede

Charles F. Stead Desert Oasis Suede Leather is championed for its soft, velvety texture, making it perfect for crafting the likes of casual footwear. The raw material is specially selected and tanned to achieve a relaxed, sporty look with a rugged nap, all while maintaining a refined appearance without being overly 'hairy'. This suede leather has a distinctive appeal, with an added light application of oil to ensure an extra silky velour finish.

English Leather Refinement

Not content with just an aesthetic charm, this leather also has an enduring quality. Charles F. Stead's meticulous tanning process ensures that the suede maintains its luxurious texture and appearance over time, making it a valuable investment for artisans and craftsmen.