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Collection: Country Calf

Country Calf

Collection: Country Calf

Two-tone aniline Scotchgrain...

A Timeless & Contemporary Appeal

Country Calf leather, an integral part of A&A Crack & Sons collection, is steeped in tradition but celebrated for its ability to remain current. This classic leather boasts a two-tone aniline appearance, which adds depth and character to its texture. Known affectionately as 'Scotchgrain', Country Calf has left an indelible mark on the world of footwear and leather goods worldwide. Countless renowned brands choose this distinctive leather for its enduring appeal.

Classic Scotchgrain: This is Rugged Elegance

At A&A Crack & Sons, we take pride in offering you unique leathers that are capable of demanding the attention and capturing the imagination of leather artisans and enthusiasts. In this case, the classic Scotchgrain finish, derived from a meticulous embossment process, creates a textured and visually captivating surface. This makes it the perfect choice for crafting high-quality leather goods and footwear that exude both style and substance.

Taking Pride in What We Do

Country Calf Leather is more than just a material; it's a testament to the enduring legacy of quality craftsmanship. It has found its way into the product lines of the most prominent brands, thanks to its exceptional aniline texture and the charismatic two-tone finish. As part of the A&A Crack collection, this leather continues to impress the industry, by connecting the past with the present, and bridging tradition with modern craftsmanship.